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Organization ranging from weight loss calcium and you will magnesium intake and you may horror in various sex organizations

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Organization ranging from weight loss calcium and you will magnesium intake and you may horror in various sex organizations


Table step one shows the essential qualities of your own ten,798 players who’d done information on NHANES 1999–2004 research. Of these players, dos,123 (19.7%) had migrainepared so you can low-headache, headache have been likely to be young, women, non-Hispanic Black, former sipping, most recent smoking, has actually down studies level, lower prevalence out of blood pressure, higher Body mass index, higher carbohydrate intake, lower calcium and you can magnesium intake, minimizing nutritional D complement intake. An average every single day consumption of calcium and you can magnesium are significantly all the way down than just the particular necessary diet allowances (RDAs), once the revealed inside the Dining table dos.

Table 3 shows a significant inverse association between dietary calcium and magnesium intake and migraine after adjusting for the possible confounders. The ORs (95% CI) for the association between dietary calcium intake and migraine were 0.85 (0.73–0.99) and 0.77 (0.63–0.93), comparing the Q2 (– mg/day) and Q5 (?1, mg/day) quintile of calcium with the lowest quintile (? mg/day), respectively. The ORs (95% CI) of Q2 (– mg/day), Q3 (– mg/day), Q4 (– mg/day), and Q5 (? mg/day) quintile of magnesium were 0.81 (0.69–0.95), 0.83 (0.70–0.98), 0.78 (0.65–0.94), and 0.69 (0.55–0.86) compared with Q1 (< mg/day).

After stratifying of the sex, new association within highest as well as the reduced quintile off calcium supplements consumption and migraine remained mathematically high in females and you can guys. Getting slimming down magnesium, the fresh new Or (95% CI) try 0.62 (0.47–0.83), researching the greatest (? mg/d) and reduced quintile (? mg/d) of magnesium intake in females. But not, there can be zero statistically significant connection ranging from weightloss magnesium consumption and you may migraine when you look at the boys (Profile step 1).

Profile step 1. Studies was in fact presented since the Or (95% CI). Restriction contours mean 95% CI. ORs was basically modified having years, race/ethnicity, puffing, ingesting, marital, degree peak, Body mass index, energy consumption, proteins consumption, carb consumption, calcium supplements enhance, magnesium supplement, vitamin D supplement, blood pressure levels, all forms of diabetes, coronary attack, coronary heart state, C activated healthy protein, and complete cholesterol.

We also examined the potential correlation and https://datingranking.net/fr/sites-bdsm/ joint association between calcium and magnesium. We found that calcium and magnesium were highly correlated (r = 0.631; P < 0.001) (data are not shown). We divided participants into four groups based on the quintile intake of calcium and magnesium, after adjusting for potential confounders, joint analyses showed that the OR (95% CI) of migraine in the high-calcium and high-magnesium group was 0.77 (0.64–0.91) compared with the low-calcium and low-magnesium group. After stratifying by sex, the joint association of dietary calcium and magnesium remained significant in women. However, the joint association was not significant in men (Table 4).

In RCS, we observed a non-linear relationship between calcium and magnesium (continuously measured) and migraine. Significantly decreased ORs (<1.00) were observed when calcium intake ranged from 670 to 1,700 mg/day. The ORs decreased with increasing dietary magnesium levels and were significantly lower than 1.00 when dietary magnesium intake was higher than 243 mg/day (Figure 2).

Profile 2. Organization between weight-loss (A) calcium supplements and (B) magnesium consumption and you can headache inside the RCS. The latest model is actually modified to own age, gender, race/ethnicity, smoking, sipping, relationship, studies level, Bmi, time intake, protein consumption, carb consumption, calcium supplement, magnesium enhance, supplement D enhance, blood pressure, all forms of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular system problem, C activated necessary protein, and full cholesterol levels. Strong line, OR; color, 95% CI.


Inside highest get across-sectional analysis, i seen an enthusiastic inverse relationship anywhere between losing weight calcium and you may magnesium and migraine, independent from significant confounders. Subgroup study showed that calcium supplements and magnesium stayed inversely on the migraine in females, correspondingly. For males, simply higher weight loss calcium consumption is actually adversely about migraine, however, there can be zero mathematically significant association anywhere between weight loss magnesium intake and migraine. In addition, for the looking at brand new joint negative effects of calcium and you can magnesium, we discovered that higher-calcium and higher-magnesium consumption is inversely from the migraine in women, in line with our very own examination of the new separate negative effects of calcium supplements and you may magnesium.

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