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The guy subsequent entrusts Yuma that have a credit who enable them so you can victory the Duel

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The guy subsequent entrusts Yuma that have a credit who enable them so you can victory the Duel

Shark’s friendship having Yuma including assisted him inside handling the “Numbers” notes

But not, the guy does have specific award, as he returned Bronk’s Platform upon shedding to Yuma as he promised and you can remaining all of the Decks he’d taken away from someone totally undamaged. [17] 1st overcome in order to Yuma have humbled him in a manner that he is no more very horrible to people, since revealed when he production Yuma’s pendant shortly after successful a keen Ante Duel with it at risk. [13] The guy and additionally generally seems to put more faith when you look at the securities and you will relationship, found of the his desire to make a team that have Yuma during the this new Level Duel having Scorch and you will Chills. [19] Shark together with attempts to save yourself Emperor’s Key from Kite Tenjo and Orbital seven if it is stolen, demonstrably proclaiming that the guy notices Yuma because the their friend. About Duel which have Kite, Shark remembers Yuma, and this Yuma couldn’t give up. [20]

Whenever “Matter 17: Leviathan Dragon” came in exposure to your, it effortlessly took your hands on your. [1] not, he was able to fight off new dictate from “Shark Drake” on account of their thread with Yuma, and also make him the initial recognized individual have the ability to fight the brand new dictate of the “Numbers” as opposed to a different item or fuel. Even with having the ability to first resist new dictate, Vetrix said that they performed contaminate your and it surely will amplify their darkness because of their wish to grab payback facing Quattro. [21] But not, just after a great Duel having Yuma, and you will enjoying their bumbling antics, the fresh new dark had gone away. [18]

not, shortly after acknowledging their future due to the fact a Barian, he accompanied his cool character once more, stating that future drew your and you will Yuma together with her to combat against one another. Not able to envision peace just like the an option despite his relationships which have Astral and you can Yuma, he attacked Earth towards other Barian Emperors. He or she is shown to work questionable when Dueling, just like the shown through the his Duel with Quattro. Tossing himself completely into their Barian persona, he incited their opponent’s rage, attempting to getting disliked and you can planning to create both himself and you can Quattro ignore their time since the “Reginald”. [6] Although not, it actually was shown he was performing this to safeguard people of your own Barian World. Along with whenever Girag looked like at risk, Nash quickly made an effort to save your self him, indicating the guy cares for most, if not completely of your Barian Emperors (with the apparent exception regarding Vector). [22] He actually bust for the rips within witnessing Dumon’s death. [23] He together with expresses despair from the Mizar’s death. [24]

In his finally duel facing Yuma and you may Astral, Nash was been shown to be sadness-affected in order to have didn’t include new Barian Emperors and having failed to make fantasy become a reality. He reaffirms his promise to save the brand new Barian Business through its morale on his side and turned many wanting to beat Yuma and you may Astral while they proceeded to thrive his all the violence, culminating from inside the him following a crazed expression in their latest exchange. He had been and additionally noticeably distraught after they eventually were able to destroy “CXyz Barian Promise” choses à savoir pour rendez-vous sur Women’s Choice.. Nevertheless, he returned back to his friendly thinking just after dropping so you can Yuma and being revived by Numeron Code.

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Throughout the his Duel up against Quattro all over the world Duel Carnival, Shark merges their heart with his “Number”, putting on the capacity to carry out A mess Xyz Development which have “Count thirty two: Shark Drake”, acquiring a purple aura as well. [25] [26] Adopting the Duel against Vector, Shark attained the capacity to look for Astral. [27] He’s and additionally able to overcome the fresh “Numbers” influence immediately following frequent visibility, no further feeling the consequences actually off an excellent “In pretty bad shape Count”. [12] [28]

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