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Undersecretaries Associate Secretaries Bureau and Assistance Owners Local Administrators Schooling Department Superintendents Community Elementary and Additional Education Mind All Others Worried

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Undersecretaries Associate Secretaries Bureau and Assistance Owners Local Administrators Schooling Department Superintendents Community Elementary and Additional Education Mind All Others Worried

1. The division of degree (DepEd) issues the confined standards on the pass of Learners’ University record, which determines common tasks and standards throughout the consult, and release of students’ version 137 (long-term report) and kind 138 (Report credit) in open public education country wide.

2. This rules is designed to make sure the easy and reliable seeking and publishing of learners’ school lists without inconveniencing the students and mom.

3. All DepEd assignments and other related issuances, rules and regulations, and arrangements, which you’ll find are irreconcilable with this specific rules, is hereby repealed, rescinded, or changed correctly.



I. Reason

There are 2 fundamental school lists that demonstrate the learner’s member profile and educational and extra-curricular standings: version 137, referred to as everlasting track record, which contains the learner’s member profile and historical educational track record, and Form 138 or even the document Card which will show the academic results of a learner in certain class season. DepEd Arrange Number 8, s. 2015, the class room test Policy, provided the principles the expertise to become involved in techniques 137 and 138.

Form 138 try issued to Grades 1 to 10 students every end of the grading cycle while marks 11 to 12 will receive they every close term. To the end of the college yr, kind 138 is definitely a required contract for a learner registering to a higher degree amount as it furthermore suggest the learner’s marketing position. However, school regulators obtain the release of kind 137 of levels 1 to 12 learners which send to an alternative university or transition from basic to second.

Inside lack of defined methods, the procedure of asking for and publishing of established school data of students changes per class. This plan shall create the operations staying used by the college in handling the learner’s university paperwork as soon as learners join, shift classes, and ask for relevant information for other people related uses.

II. Setting belonging to the Plan

This arrange will determine regular systems and methods for the demand and launch of learners’ kind 137 (lasting track record) and kind 138 (Report cards) in all classes and universities department Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Meaning Of Names

  1. Form 137 (long-term tape) – long lasting school learner report featuring the historical scholastic and adventist dating service co-curricular track record on the learner
  2. Version 138 (state credit) – post displaying the scholastic results of a learner in confirmed college 12 months
  3. Getting class – the school asking for for all the long-term information of a transferring learner
  4. Originating class – the institution releasing the long-lasting data of a transferring learner

IV. Insurance Policy Statement

The section hereby confirms the standard operations and practices in seeking and releasing of learner’s university reports. This device follows the DepEd’s plans, objective and key prices and subscribes to the principles of:

a. absolutely free, excellent basic education;

b. Transparency and responsibility;

c. Accessibility and appropriate release of learners’ school registers; and

d. Security and privacy of students’ data.

Information on Learner’s School Registers

This policy details the regular practices for the transfer of learners’ school lists. This plan knowledge the steps in requesting the long-lasting university registers (type 137) for an efficient shift of paperwork without inconveniencing the parents or the students.

To guarantee the successful production and send of learners’ college record, the subsequent shall be seen:

a. The send of information of learners should made easy and rapid without encumbering the students and mother. However, this should definitely not endanger the confidentiality and safeguards of school files.

b. Receiving schools shall safe all long-lasting lists (version 137) of all incoming students ahead of the end of primary grading time. For transferred-in students inside college spring, exchange of records will be guaranteed four weeks (30) from the first day of college attendance.

c. Learners and/or their own parents or parent aren’t allowed to hand-carry the Permanent record (version 137) to the obtaining school.

d. In the instance of unavailability of type 137 due to situation beyond the management, the Report on campaigns (University version 5) works extremely well as alternative, you see during the educational institutions section workplace (SDO).

e. The Learner Know-how System (LIS) will be employed as platform when you look at the demand and release of learner faculty data; thus the transaction shall totally getting within the receiving and coming universities merely.

The following steps must be followed to enhance the consult and production procedure:

A. School-to-School Transfer of Type 137

The majority of deals on transfer of learner’s university history ordinarily result during enrolment course and after the starting of courses. To enable the clean and quick send of records, the flowchart below portrays the procedure of ask and discharge of learners’ kind 137between the receiving college and originating college;

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